Storyteller is what happens when two people - an interior designer and a performance coach - fall in love. And then begin to envision what your ultimate life looks and feels like. 


Using a unique process developed over 20 years, we tap into the raw, embodied experience of how you feel when you’re at your best. Then we uncover the mythology of you and your family and begin to reshape and align the primary areas of your life - home, family, work, passions, beliefs, behaviors - into a unified expression of that story.  Like this, home becomes the foundation for a singular way of being in which all aspects of your life support, enhance and reinforce each other, propelling you into a life of passion and purpose.   

Of equal importance, we trim what doesn’t work: Stress. Outdated patterns of behavior. Long-held trauma. Worry. Indecisiveness. And anything else that keeps you from being in the moment and performing the way you want. Once gone, the only thing left is an outstanding life, integrated, inside and out.