Storyteller is the collaboration of two people living their passions together, and helping others to do the same. 

As their thriving companies grew - one in interior design, the other in performance consulting - a need and an opportunity for their combined services became evident. Storyteller was born. 

Through Storyteller Julie and Devon provide high-level service to people intent on living their dream lives everyday. 

Devon and Julie share a life with their three wonderful children in slightly Upstate NY.



Julie White

For nearly two decades Julie has been creating spaces that are functional, innovative and intuitive. Her company, Julie White Interiors, Ltd. is a high end residential design firm dedicated to working with clients interested in turning their dream lives into living spaces; those ready to embark on the transformative journey that occurs when they weave their own essence from the foundation of their homes through the fabric of their lives. 

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Devon White

Devon works with exceptional humans intent on living extraordinary lives. Not to be confused with life and lifestyle coaches, he has spent over 20 years studying and mastering behavioral technologies to create high impact, permanent transformation for his clients. He specializes in working with those rare individuals interested in creating deep, long-lasting success for themselves and the rest of the world.

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